Thessaloniki Innovation Weekend in Urban Transport 28-30 September 2018, Ok!Thess

Do you have an idea about sustainable urban transport that you want to do business with? Design and showcase it; work with your team and win a prize!

The weekend of Innovation in urban transport is the place to search for your team, create the prototype, validate the viability of your idea and listen to advice from experienced people coming from the areas of Transport and Business.  The weekend takes place at OK!Thess

What is foreseen during the weekend…

  • First you will introduce yourself and your idea
  • Then you will see the rest of the presentations
  • Then you will vote for the two most interesting ideas
  • Finally, based on your votes, the teams will be created

You can come with your friends, but you better join separate teams.

Thematic areas

The problem that you want to address must cover issues relating to urban transport and the use of new technologies on the following areas

  1. Smart signs
  2. Smart parking
  3. Smart traffic management
  4. Smart Mobility
  5. Virtual Load Space
  6. Cooperative smart systems on transport
  7. Contemporary interchange transport nodes

During the weekend, you will be asked to create a prototype-that is, a minimally viable product that will represent the way the solution you propose works-that will suit the needs of your target clients. You will have guidance and advice, you will redefine your idea and you may form an entirely new approach.

The weekend of innovation in urban transport is a unique experience that includes:

  • Communication with experienced consultants and people from the business environment
  • A new network of people coming from the transport industry, developers, designers and entrepreneurs willing, like you, to change the world.
  • Fast Internet connection, food and unlimited coffee.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Admin@Okthess.Gr

Jury committee

The five jury will be composed of members of the organisations that support the three-day.


    1st place – €900 Cash

    2nd place – €300 Cash

    3rd place – €300 Cash


  • Additionally, the above prize pool, the teams that will decide to proceed further in the implementation of their idea are ensuring advisory support (Mentoring) by the sponsor of the cash prizes Link Technologies S.A.
  • The acceptance and receipt of prizes includes the obligation to first investigate the financing of their investment plan, from the Link Technologies S.A.

Evaluation criteria

The thematic proposals – ideas must belong to the field of innovative urban transport of persons and products. This requirement is not graded but will act as a prerequisite for evaluating a proposal-idea.

  • Feasibility (Feasibility): The proposal – idea should be workable, taking into account technological and legal constraints.
  • Environmental Sustainability (Sustainability): The proposal – idea should have a positive or neutral environmental footprint throughout its life cycle.
  • Economic Viability (Economic Viability): The proposal – idea should be sustainable economically and with a view to profitability.

The jury will meet on Sunday 30th September in the afternoon after attending the presentations of the participants. Prizes will be awarded on Sunday night September 30th.

More info about the Thessaloniki Innovation Weekend in Urban Transport

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Registration is required on OK!Thess website and the form can be found here