Smart Columbus Project

Smart Columbus is the smart city initiative for the Columbus Region.

As the winner of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) first-ever Smart City Challenge, Columbus was awarded $50 million in grant funding and the designation as America’s Smart City. We’re using this opportunity to “become smart,” which starts with realizing the power of data through the Smart Columbus Operating System (SCOS).

The SCOS is designed to serve as the technological backbone of all current and future smart city projects. It will help us measure the performance and progress of the USDOT grant initiatives. It will share data that will inspire entrepreneurs and developers to create Columbus’ mobility services of the future. It will be serve the data that will fuel technology deployments within the USDOT grant scope, which include:

  • Enabling Technologies
    • A Connected Vehicle Environment, which will seek to enhance safety and mobility throughout the city’s transportation system utilizing Connected Vehicle (CV) technologies and applications, with an emphasis on congested and high-crash intersections and corridors.
  • Enhanced Human Services
    • A Multimodal Trip Planning App with Common Payment System, which will make multimodal options easily accessible to all by providing a robust set of transit and alternative transportation options including routes, schedules and dispatching possibilities, while facilitating payment for multiple transportation systems in one common platform.
    • Mobility Assistance for People with Cognitive Disabilities, which will allow travelers to request and view multiple trip itineraries and make reservations for shared-use transportation options such as bikeshare, transportation network companies and carshare.
    • Prenatal Trip Assistance, to help reduce Columbus’ high infant mortality rate by helping expectant mothers get to prenatal care.
    • Smart Mobility Hubs, where someone getting on or off a Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTS) bus can easily access the next leg of their trip.
    • Event Parking Management, which will integrate parking information from multiple providers into a single availability and reservation services solution.
  • Emerging Technologies
    • Connected Electric Autonomous Vehicles, which will serve to connect COTA riders to opportunities in the Easton area.
    • Truck Platooning, which will help ensure the efficient and safe movement of logistics-related vehicles through the use of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

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