SIMSystem: a new Seamless Integrated Mobility System

Today, the way people and goods move is on the cusp of a radical transformation. A host of new technologies and innovative services, coupled with disruptive demographic and socio-economic
trends, are fundamentally reshaping mobility. From ride-sharing, car-sharing and bicycle-sharing to smart infrastructure (traffic sensors, connected traffic lights, etc.) and soon the emergence of autonomous vehicles, these developments have profound implications for our existing transport system. They offer the promise of mobility that is faster, cheaper, cleaner and safer than today. Without appropriate mechanisms to integrate and coordinate across modes, and a platform for stakeholder collaboration, these powerful forces will likely exacerbate – rather than alleviate – many of the current transport system challenges. The World Economic Forum’s Shaping the Futureof Mobility System Initiative and Deloitte Consulting LLP collaborated to articulate the need for a SIMSystem, define its foundational characteristics and to bring together public and private sector stakeholders to develop the vision and principles necessary to make a SIMSystem a realityA SIMSystem is a “system of systems” that moves people and goods more efficiently by creating interoperability across physical assets like cars and buses, digital technologies like dynamic pricing and shared data exchanges, and the governance structures, standards and rules by which they operate.

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