INTELSPACE Innovation Technologies S.A. and URENIO Research of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki form a research group that works together on projects dealing with innovation ecosystems, innovation policy and strategy, and intelligent / smart cities. INTELSPACE was founded in 2005 as spin-off company of URENIO with a focus on the design and development of intelligent / smart cities, intelligent districts, networks and infrastructures, and other types of intelligent spaces.

IntelSpace SA is a research-driven SME ( specialising in the development and management of innovation ecosystems and intelligent cities. INTELSPACE offers engineering, IT, and consulting services in the field of intelligent / smart cities. The company specialises in the design and development of physical spaces and virtual environments sustaining key processes of intelligent cities, such as strategic intelligence, technology transfer, collaborative innovation, and online marketing and product promotion.

The expertise of the company is on (1) planning and governance of intelligent cities, districts, and clusters 2) design and development of web-based solutions for collaborative innovation, collective intelligence, technology transfer, product marketing and promotion, and (3) innovation management, innovation clusters and systems analysis and governance.