CE Delft

CE Delft is an independent Dutch research and consultancy organization that specializes in policy analysis in the field of environment and economy. CE Delft operates as a not-for-profit organization on a commercial basis, employing a staff of around 50 engineers, economists and social scientists. CE Delft’s projects all aim to deliver practical but scientifically sound results, often bridging the gap between more theoretical academic research and more pragmatic, practical policy work. Based on solid technical and economic expertise, CE Delft develops feasible policy concepts and tools for a wide range of clients such as the European Commission (DG CLIMA, DG ENV, DG MOVE), EEA, UN/FCCC, ICAO, IMO, IEA, national ministries in various countries, companies (e.g. Shell, Coca Cola, DHL, Corus, Airbus Industries), sector organizations (e.g. UIC, CER, IRU) and NGOs (e.g. FoE, T&E).

CE Delft is a leading consultancy organisation in transport and environment policies with a strong track record in the field of ITS. We have a lot of experience with assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of ITS applications, mainly focussed on mobility and environmental impacts. Both ITS applications for passenger transport (e.g. multimodal smart cards, car sharing) as for freight transport (e.g. smart urban logistics) are considered in the projects we have carried out for the European Commission and national ministries.

CE Delft also has broad experience in developing policies to stimulate specific technical and non-technical mobility solutions (including ITS applications), as well as impact assessments (of both policy and non-policy measures in the field of transport. Furthermore, CE Delft has an extensive track record in the field of evaluation studies (including cost benefit analyses) in the field of mobility solutions and policy instruments.