TEUbooker: online booking portal for container transport

TEUbooker is an online booking portal for container transport within the Port of Rotterdam. The platform offers a tool to facilitate the booking of container transport between the various terminals in the Port of Rotterdam using inland waterway, rail and road transport.

 Since Maasvlakte II became operational in 2015 , large numbers of both full and empty containers are exchanged between the new container terminals there and the existing terminals in the Port of Rotterdam. The Port authorities are developing a ‘Container Exchange Route’ (CER), i.e. an internal road lane that will connect the terminals. Until the completion of the CER the majority of containers will be transported via the public road network. TEUbooker provides a synchromodal solution: it utilises the unused capacities of all transport modes to maximise exchange possibilities. Many barges, trains and trucks that move between terminals have space for containers. By using algorithms, a direct match between the demand for container transport and the idle capacity of individual operators is made.

 The services of TEUbooker  result in direct and indirect cost reductions for users. Exchanging containers between terminals is a complex task and requires shippers to communicate with several operators. The TEUbooker platform reduces the amount of time shippers have to spend on this task, which may result in direct cost savings. Additionally, TEUbooker claims that their search process is more efficient, resulting in more efficient transport and hence lower costs. Furthermore, TEUbooker can help to shippers to realise their preferred model split, as the service identifies the available capacity on existing barge, rail and truck movements. 

 The TEUbooker service, that has been launched in 2016, is currently operating within the Port of Rotterdam. There is, however, the ambition to broaden the scope to transport to and from the European hinterland. This would provide them the opportunity to reach more target groups, including shippers and forwarders who still book the majority of containers by road. These parties often lack the time to make a detailed assessment of all transport options. Applying concepts like TEUbooker may, therefore, contribute to a shift of freight transport to inland navigation or rail transport.

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