SAFE STRIP – Integrating C-ITS technology in existing road infrastructure

SAFE STRIP aims to introduce micro and nano sensors, integrated into marker/tape strips that are mounted on the road surface. These strips will support intelligent transport systems (ITS) services and apps as they provide personalised in-vehicle messages for all road users (cars, trucks, pedestrians, etc.) and all vehicle generations (non-equipped, C-ITS equipped and autonomous).

The sensors measure data like road pavement conditions, existence of road works, unprotected railway crossings, traffic accidents, detection of oil and virtual toll stations. These data will be communicated directly with vehicles that are equipped with the necessary communication technology. But also with other vehicle via a legacy network as 4G.

The main contribution SAFE STRIP wants to provide is to find solutions for issues like integrating small sensors in tapes and processing units and energy harvesters into road markers and tapes with a size still acceptable on European roads. Furthermore, energy harvesting is an important issue in the project, as it is challenging to find a solution for the energy supply of the sensors and data communication components. Finally, also the communication of the collected data to the transport users is an important challenge that will be addressed in the project.

The innovative technologies are tested in controlled environments (test bed in Spain, in France and 2 closed test tracks in Italy) as well as in real life conditions on 2 pilot sites (motorways in Greece and Italy). These demonstrations are used to validate the performance of the technology, to evaluate the user interface and user acceptance. In addition, the tests are also used to assess the impacts on road safety, transport efficiency and the environment.

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