RIS Corridor Management Execution (RIS COMEX)

River Information Services (RIS) are (to some extent) applied in all European countries with relevant inland navigation transport flows. Services such as route planning, voyage planning, transport management and traffic management are often provided within these countries. In the CEF-funded project RIS COMEX, cross-border RIS will be provided along some relevant European waterways/corridors (i.e. Danube, Rhine, Amsterdam-Antwerp-Liege, Amsterdam-Antwerp-Brussels, Mosel, Elbe and Dunkirk-Scheldt). This will be done based on operational exchange of RIS data, making use of available national infrastructure and services. Furthermore, the project also serves as a platform, bringing together public and private actors and facilitating dialogue between shippers, boat masters and vessel, fleet and terminal operators.

Some main objectives of RIS COMEX are:

  • To develop an overall Corridor RIS Management concept;
  • To implement and operate (selected parts of) the overall concept providing increased; quality and availability of fairway-, traffic- ad transport information services;
  • To define and agree on operational arrangements (legal, organisational, financial, technical) to ensure sustainable further development, implementation and operation of infrastructure and services beyond the lifetime of the project;
  • To harmonise data exchange concepts for RIS data;
  • To facilitate the dialogue between providers of River Information Services and logistic users.

Based on these objectives, the project aims to:

  • Improve planning capabilities;
  • Make transport times more reliable;
  • Reduce waiting and travel times;
  • Increase the efficiency of inland navigation transport;
  • Make optimal use of infrastructure;
  • Reduce the administrative burden.

The RIS COMEX project started in 2016 and will last until the end of 2020. The project area covers altogether 13 different European countries having 14 partners joined their forces under the coordination of the Austrian Waterway Administration viadonau. Furthermore, Poland joined the project as cooperation Partner in the course of 2018.

More information can be found here.

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