Logistics Data Bank (LDB)

Logistics Data Bank (LDB) is an online tracking system for containers, to facilitate easy tracking and effective utilization to import/export companies. LDB is an overarching solution that integrates the information available with various agencies across the supply chain to provide detailed near real-time information within a single window. It provides a web-based container search function by container number, visualized on GoogleMaps, identifies delays and sends notifications to the user via e-mail or SMS. Each container is equipped with an RFID tag and tracked in real-time by RFID readers installed across all entry and exit gates of toll plazas, inland container depots, or container freight stations. The container movement is recorded and shared with the LDB system.

The LDB system covers the entire movement of containers from Jawaharlal Nehru Port of Mumbai (JNPT) through rail or road till the inland container depot and container freight station in the Western logistics corridor of India. Main customers comprise: central & state governments, shippers/consignees, container train operators, inland container depots/ container freight stations, truck operators

See: https://www.ldb.co.in/containersearch

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