ENSEMBLE – Multi-brand truck platooning

Platooning technology has made significant advances in the last decade, but to achieve the next step towards deployment of truck platooning, an integral multi-brand approach is required. The European project ENSEMBLE wants to implement and demonstrate multi-branded truck platooning on European roads over the next three years. This should support the full-scale introduction of truck platooning in Europe, which will improve fuel economy, CO2 emissions, traffic capacity and throughput for the road freight sector.

The main aim of the ENSEMBLE project is to ensure safe platooning when using different branded trucks and carry out impact assessments for infrastructure, road safety and traffic flow. For this purpose, traffic and road authorities will be approached to jointly define road approval requirements. Furthermore, platoon operation levels will be defined to guide the design off different platooning functionalities and strategies, reflecting the full diversity of trucks with platoon functionality. Through real-world testing (involving all six European truck manufacturers, i.e. DAF, Daimler, IVECO, Scania, MAN and Volvo Group) across national borders the impact on traffic, infrastructure and logistics will be assessed, whilst gathering relevant data of safety-relevant scenarios and necessitating harmonisation of approval requirements.

The ENSEMBLE project has four main objectives:

  • Develop interoperable platooning: when forming a multi-brand convoy, the vehicles must be compatible to ensure correct and safe operation.
  • Realise safe platooning: designing fail-safe and fault tolerant mechanisms to ensure safe interaction within the platoon an with other road users using secure wireless communication.
  • Implement real-life platooning: practical tests will be organised, both on closed testing grounds and in real life. These tests aims to support ‘learning by doing’, to asses impacts on traffic and infrastructure and to promote multi-brand platooning.
  • Develop embedded platooning: an interface to cloud-based services will be designed, so that the platooning concept can be seamlessly integrated into the logistic value chain. The ENSEMBLE project has been started mid 2018 and will last for three years. The field tests are foreseen for 2021.More information on this project can be found here.

The ENSEMBLE project has been started mid 2018 and will last for three years. The field tests are foreseen for 2021.

More information on this project can be found here.

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