New deliverable about (C)-ITS business case guidelines!

Our new deliverable “D5.1 (C) – ITS business case guidelines” is now available on

The deliverable is based on a detailed analysis of the costs and benefits associated to the four NEWBITS case studies. While the costs have a primarily financial nature, both monetary and non-monetary benefits have been identified for each case study. The differences between case studies (from a carpooling service to a traffic light infrastructure, a track-and-trace solution and a predictive maintenance solution), along with the varying nature of their cost-benefit ratios, meant that a range of lessons could be learned for future planning and implementation of C-ITS in a variety of contexts defined by aspects such as geography, transport mode, stakeholders etc. This enabled us to draw a joint set of conclusions with a view to generalise the lessons learned.

Through the adoption of a business case template previously developed from a European Department for Transport for the analysis of transport-related initiatives and adapted to the conditions of the NEWBITS project, new business guidelines were generated for each case study and then generalised, considering elements such as the relationship between costs and monetary and non-monetary benefits (e.g. revenues, collaboration, knowledge sharing, resource pooling, branding, citizen engagement) for different stakeholders of C-ITS, and the KPIs and strategies for implementation of the different solutions.

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