Improved River Information Services in Hungary

The Hungarian part of the Danube (about 420 km long) is an important part of the Rhine-Danube Corridor and therefore a key element of efficient inland waterway transport between Western and Eastern Europe. Up-to-date Hungarian River Information Services (RIS) that are compatible with the services applied in other countries are important to facilitate these transport flows on the Danube. For that reason, the Hungarian RIS scheme (PannonRIS) has been enhanced over the last years in order to support efficient and safe inland navigation in this region (among other things by facilitating the sharing of easily accessible information with and between inland navigation operators). In May 2018 the new system has been implemented.

Between 2015 and 2018, the following activities have been carried out:

  • Improving the telecommunication services of the Hungarian RIS infrastructure by optimising the existing and deploying shore based infrastructure as well as by updating the software interface.
  • Extension of traffic management services by using radar and web camera. The updated services provide high level services to increase the efficiency of inland navigation on the Danube.
  • Implementation of weather related messaging in a harmonised European format.
  • Provision of high quality data on relevant infrastructure-related issues, like depth and water levels.
  • Upgrade of electronic nautical charts (ECDIS charts). The enhancement of the Hungarian RIS have resulted in a system that is (better) harmonised with systems in other European countries and that meets the conditions of the European Directive 2005/44/EC.

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