Connecting Europe Facility for Transport Call 2019 | 100 Mio EUR

The European Commission has launched the 2019 Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for Transport call for project proposals opening financing possibilities for transport projects addressing cross-border sections and connections and the development of maritime ports within the trans-European transport Comprehensive Network, as well as the reduction of rail freight noise.

The call focuses on two priorities with the following objectives:

  • Projects on the Comprehensive Network
    1. Removing bottlenecks and bridging missing links, enhancing rail interoperability, and, in particular, improving cross-border sections
    €65 million
  • Rail Freight Noise
    2. Ensuring sustainable and efficient transport systems in the long run, with a view to preparing for expected future transport flows, as well as enabling all modes of transport to be decarbonised through transition to innovative low-carbon and energy-efficient transport technologies, while optimising safety
    €35 million

Call opening: 8 January 2019
Call closing: 24 April 2019 at 17h00 Brussels time.

Applications for funding under the call should be submitted between 8 January 2019 and 24 April 2019, only in electronic format, via TENtec eSubmission module .

INEA, along with the European Commission, will organise an Info Day on 17 January 2019 to present the political priorities and content of the 2019 call. The Info Day will also provide participants with practical information about how to prepare a successful proposal, as well as other background information relevant to the application and evaluation process.

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