A new V2X technology for smarter mobility

By the end of 2018, roadside units installed along the I-70 Mountain Corridor (Colorado, US) will be communicating with all V2X-equipped vehicles, providing real-time information to drivers and traffic managers. For example, drivers will receive alerts to slow down when vehicles ahead suddenly apply their brakes. If an airbag is deployed, an alert will be instantaneously sent from the vehicle to a roadside unit, so that traffic managers can immediately dispatch emergency responders and tow trucks to the exact site of the crash.

CDOT (Colorado Department of Transport) is projecting that a statewide V2X system will generate more than 2 billion safety messages per hour from vehicles. To put that in context, Twitter averages 28 million tweets per hour. Based on that, the CDOT system will be managing and processing 70 times more volume per hour than is currently processed by Twitter.

By leveraging the extensive amount of data available on road conditions (from vehicles, sensors, cameras and more), drivers can receive notifications about potentially unsafe driving conditions even before they begin experiencing traffic delays.

Through the end of the project in 2021, CDOT and Panasonic will continue to announce major updates about the launch of the V2X environment to improve safety and mobility across all of Colorado

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