NEWBITS Network Platform (NNP) is a platform supporting the “Think global, act local” approach. Fosters the exchange of experiences, information, good practices and resources. Builds stronger connections between the stakeholders involved and more effectively exposing NEWBITS achievements to the ITS / C-ITS community.

Bringing together an assortment of ITS actors and stakeholders into a community is an important step towards greater adoption of ITS and C-ITS solutions, disseminating the benefits that they entail.

Being a registered member of the NNP platform you can access and you may contribute to any of the following four sub-communities of interest:

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Benefits to join NNP

Share information

Stakeholders in strong collaboration with us share information in the form of posts (news; new products / services; new projects etc.).

Learn new advancements

Stakeholders can participate in discussions to capitalise on the published information and learn something new.

Collaborate and pursue new ventures

Stakeholders taking advantage of the NNP functions can pursue new ventures as EC funded projects and more!

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