NEWBITS Network Platform (NNP) is a platform supporting the “Think global, act local” approach. Fosters the exchange of experiences, information, good practices and resources. Builds stronger connections between the stakeholders involved and more effectively exposing NEWBITS achievements to the ITS / C-ITS community.

Bringing together an assortment of ITS actors and stakeholders into a community is an important step towards greater adoption of ITS and C-ITS solutions, disseminating the benefits that they entail.

The NNP is formalized as an online networking and collaboration platform aiming to:

  • Provide information on and communicate the activities upon NEWBITS case studies
  • Serve as an online collaboration tool
  • Serve as a single point of access to the project’s relevant information
  • Be used as a platform for internal and external knowledge management as a key tool of communication in addition to the project general website
  • Encourage community members input
  • Foster collaboration for better ITS / C-ITS products and services and their market launch
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